The “Flower of Life” Yoga Mat


Mat Dimensions:

68″ long x 24″ wide x 4 mm thick.

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Product Description

Flower of Life
All living things possess a magical ingredient: water. In some ways we are nothing but a container of water. It rises to the sky soaking in the sun’s rays, it rains down upon the earth on the mountains where it collects information as it travels through streams and rivers on its way to the sea.

Electromagnetic information given off by the sun’s rays and the earth’s minerals is vital information which are the building blocks of life, and are carried in the molecular structures of water. These beautiful, complex structures, as seen in snowflakes, are the recordings of all-that-is and ever was.

WE are water; all of life is. That’s what this painting is about. –Drew Brophy

Product Description
Original painting by famous surf artist Drew Brophy, incorporating sacred geometry (to learn more about Drew Brophy, click on the “About the Artist” tab). The image has been digitally transposed onto your yoga mat with eco-friendly, water-based inks. Feel good about the products you use: our mats are PVC and Phalate free. We have used a recyclable, biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural tree rubber base that is bonded to an ultra-absorbent suede cloth top made from recycled water bottles. All our plastic wrappings are biodegradable. The suede cloth top increases grip as you sweat, so there is no need to bring both a towel and a mat to class anymore, and no more slipping when wet.

Product Features

68″ long x 24″ wide x 4 mm thick.

These mats are designed for a warmer/hot yoga practice. Due to the mat’s absorbent, sueded towel top, this mat performs superbly during a sweaty practice because it is designed to increase grip as you sweat. If you do not have a sweaty practice or you have dry hands and feet, lightly spray water on the top surface of the mat at the beginning of your practice to enhance grip. The natural tree rubber base means your mat stays put on the studio floor during practice.

Comes with an individualized carrying strap. Machine washable: machine wash alone with detergent (NO BLEACH) on gentle cycle in cold water. To speed up drying, wrap mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water. Hang to dry. (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER).

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 5 x 5 in
About the Artist

About Drew Brophy, Surf Lifestyle Artist

For over twenty five years, it has been Drew Brophy’s job to “make things look cool”! Drew is best known for his bright, colorful, and distinctive style of surf and sacred geometry paintings. He has created thousands of paintings while exploring and surfing around the world as an ambassador of outdoor adventure. Drew hopes that his stories of travel and adventure, told through art, will inspire others to live the life of their dreams. You may learn more about Drew Brophy and his work by visiting www.drewbrophy.com

© Drew Brophy 2015


68 inches long x 24 inches wide x 4mm thick


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