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Save The Albatross!

Pam Longobardi Spiritual Revolution Yoga from Pam Longobardi on Vimeo.

Funds from the sale of each Longobardi designed yoga mat will be donated to support Oceanic Society’s, “Albatross Adoption Program.” Oceanic Society has initiated an Albatross Adoption program, which will directly fund research on the impacts of plastic pollution on seabirds, outreach and education about the issue, and habitat restoration efforts on two of the Laysan and Black-Footed Albatross populations main breeding sites, Midway & Kure Atolls.

The Soaring Albatrosses Mat from artist Pam Longobardi / image: joelongophotography

The Soaring Albatrosses Mat from artist Pam Longobardi / image: joelongophotography

These birds live and nest on remote Hawaiian Islands, and parent birds regularly fly as far north as the Aleutian Islands to collect food—feeding in many cases directly within the North Pacific Gyre, where billions of pieces of plastic pollution now concentrate. Ingesting plastic objects while feeding here, the parents subsequently return to the nesting sites and regurgitate them to their chicks. The consequences of which may lead to the chick dying from dehydration, punctures to the digestive organs, or possibly from the pollutants associated with (or in) the digested plastic. Longobardi has teamed up with Spiritual Revolution, donating her time and artwork, to encourage behavioral change to reduce single use plastic consumption. To learn more about Pam, her art, research, and activism, and other amazing things she is doing for the Earth and its inhabitants, please click here. To go out in nature with Pam, please click here.

The Artists Behind The Mats

We are a company of artists desiring to bring inspiration to our fellow practitioners. Our vision is simple: put amazing, gallery-quality artwork on eco-friendly yoga mats. Our images are one-of-a-kind. They look just as good hanging on your living room wall as they do under your feet in Warrior III. Awaken to the Revolution and live your yoga days filled with artistic inspiration!

Our founding visionary and CEO, Holly Rogers, along with her mom, Jane Rogers, both contribute their artistic creativity to the mats we produce. We encourage you to learn more about our family of artists here, but also by clicking on their images below and discovering even more about them and their art.

Pam Longobardi

Pam Longobardi

Dore' Vorum

Dore’ Vorum

Billy the Artist

Billy the Artist

Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy



Revolutionary Program

A Revolutionary is not just a brand ambassador, but also an active participant in a movement for well-being, art, and the environment. We are looking for people who truly feel connected to Spiritual Revolution’s inspiration, purpose, and, of course, our mats. A Revolutionary’s enthusiasm to bring awareness and create change is essential to growing the movement and inspiring others.


What A Revolutionary Will Receive From Spiritual Revolution 

Love and Gratitude

One mat (of your choice) at a special, discounted cost +  a Spiritual Revolution branded t-shirt (for the men) or tank top (for the women) or equivalent based on current stock

Spiritual Revolution will include a short bio + image (on your SR mat) on our website

Spiritual Revolution will promote your website and/or social networks as well as feature you on our blog

A personalized coupon code valued at $5 off any mat for you to offer to any interested person *Revolutionaries can book a 30 min photo session with Joe Longo in the Philadelphia area for Spiritual Revolution promotional use (sessions can be scheduled with Spiritual Revolution or Joe Longo). Cost: $150

What Spiritual Revolution Asks From A Revolutionary

Actively use your mat – in classes you teach or take, on your website/social networks (please tag Spiritual Revolution)

Communicate/Educate/Share (in person and online) about our brand, purpose, mats, artists, events, and Revolutionary Program. We encourage you to be authentic and to have fun.

Write or record three to six (or more if you wish) blog/video posts a year to be featured on our blog. The topics can be about yoga, pilates, well-being, art, the environment, the mats, inspiration, or any other uplifting topic you believe may help connect people to the movement. We will make our team available to you for assistance.

Teach two community classes sponsored by Spiritual Revolution (we would coordinate the availability of mats to sell as well as other merchandise)

We are open to any suggestions and ideas you may have with regard to growing the revolution. This may include sponsored events and contests, special workshops, etc.

Our revolutionary program and family of Revolutionaries can be found here.

The revolution is now and we welcome your spirit and love. We believe we all have the power and creativity to transcend and transform.

Are you in?

A September of Revolution

We hope you are enjoying your summer and wanted to share some of the events we will be at this September. So much love. So many beautiful people. And YOU!

Revolution at the Den in Doylestown, Pa – All September

image: Joe Longo

image: Joe Longo

For the month of September we invite you to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of The Zen Den Coffee Shop in Doylestown, Pa.

Holly Rogers, Spiritual Revolution’s visionary, CEO and one of its artists, grew up in Doylestown. Holly’s mother, Jane Rogers, is also an artist for Spiritual Revolution, and was a public school teacher in Doylestown until she retired from teaching. The Bucks County community means so much to Spiritual Revolution, which is why we are so grateful to be teaming up with local artists and businesses in the area to give back to a community that has been so giving and nurturing to us.

During this September event at The Zen Den, we will be displaying framed prints as well as yoga mats from JohnFTheArtist and Dore’ Vorum. Our Yoga mats use the images of these talented artists right on the mats themselves to inspire the yogi during practice.

Please come take a look at these amazing artists and the incredible fusion of yoga and art that has never existed before. And don’t forget to be eco-friendly. We take care of that too.

The mats and the artwork will be for sale. Philadelphia photographer, Joe Longo, whose incredible photos you have seen on our website and in many popular yoga magazines, will also have his work available for purchase.

Local art. Local artists. Local love.


Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, Ca – September 9-14, 2015bhakti


Come become connected to your Sacred Journey at this divine Yoga, Devotional Music & Transformational Festival. Bhakti Fest is a 6 Day Yoga, Sacred Music, Meditation & Wellbeing Festival held in the heart of 450 acres of inspiring Joshua Tree desert. Bhakti Fest embraces Ancient and Modern Sacred Wisdom, embracing both traditional and non-traditional neo-tribal spiritual practices. The festival is a vehicle for EVOLUTION of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS Through a HEART-CENTERED REVOLUTION.


Wanderlust 108 in Washington D.C. – September 20, 2015

wanderlustWanderlust 108 is a triathlon unlike any you’ve ever known. This “mindful triathlon” brings three events together in your favorite local park: a 5k run, an outdoor yoga experience, and a guided meditation — but with a twist. Unlike most triathlons, we place community above competition, inner peace above power, and self-awareness above strength. We prefer slow food to fast run times. For us, winning is measured in laughs shared and new friends made. While we’re pretty sure you’ll be challenged during the day, we are equally sure you’ll have a great time doing so. From live bands and DJs on our main stage, to lawn activities like hooping and acroyoga, to our local food and craft vendors, there’s a lot to do when you’re not on your mat.

Metatron’s Cube Mat

We are so happy to announce the next Spiritual Revolution mat from artist Drew Brophy. The Metatron’s Cube Mat will be available this coming fall.

It is said that viewing sacred geometry art can raise your vibration and generate an inner peace.

Deborah on the NEW Metatron's Cube Mat

Deborah on the NEW Metatron’s Cube Mat

Metatron’s Cube is a three-dimensional shape created from the center points of the thirteen circles of the Fruit of Life, which is created from the Flower of Life pattern which is found in all living things. Within Metatron’s Cube contains the blueprints of the five platonic solids; these are the building blocks of all matter. This shape beautifully visualizes the simplicity of our universe, scaling infinitely larger and smaller.

This art piece was created with the intention to raise one’s vibration while practicing on the mat.