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Metatron’s Cube Mat

We are so happy to announce the next Spiritual Revolution mat from artist Drew Brophy. The Metatron’s Cube Mat will be available this coming fall.

It is said that viewing sacred geometry art can raise your vibration and generate an inner peace.

Deborah on the NEW Metatron's Cube Mat

Deborah on the NEW Metatron’s Cube Mat

Metatron’s Cube is a three-dimensional shape created from the center points of the thirteen circles of the Fruit of Life, which is created from the Flower of Life pattern which is found in all living things. Within Metatron’s Cube contains the blueprints of the five platonic solids; these are the building blocks of all matter. This shape beautifully visualizes the simplicity of our universe, scaling infinitely larger and smaller.

This art piece was created with the intention to raise one’s vibration while practicing on the mat.